In the heart of the National Park
In the heart of the National Park

Enjoy the tranquillity of the Thayatal National Park in the newly renovated accommodation

Modern equipment
Modern equipment

All apartments feature a modern kitchenette with a dining area, a luxury bathroom and a room with a double bed

Sights within reach
Sights within reach

The complex is directly below the mediaeval Hardegg Castle

An ideal place for hiking
An ideal place for hiking

Just cross the bridge and you are in the Czech Republic. The surrounding area is full of hiking trails and a short walk from the vineyards

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Towm and Castle of Hardegg

The town of Hardegg is located directly on the Austrian-Moravian border, which lies on the beautiful River Dyje. Just above the town is the castle of the same name, which was given its name from the Old German word "hard" – forest and "egg" – rock, stone. The whole town was once a centre of craft and trade, and cloth and gunpowder were also produced there. In 1764, the town was destroyed by a great fire and the residents used the material from the then abandoned castle to restore their homes. In recent decades, Hardegg has become a popular resort especially for its surroundings, a rich cultural programme, and the possibility of swimming.


Thayatal - Podyjí National Park

In 2000, the Thayatal National Park on the Austrian side followed the Podyjí National Park on the Czech side. Both parks are connected by the Dyje River and especially by the beautiful natural environment, with its rich fauna and flora, which also boasts dozens of trails and vistas. With its 1,330 hectares, Thayatal is the smallest Austrian national park, but this does not detract from its diversity. Also noteworthy, in addition to the valley landscape, are definitely the colourful meadows, which particularly take the breath away in the spring and summer months.


Hardegg Viewpoint

This viewpoint can be reached by walking and cycling from the village of Čížov, where you have to leave your car in the car park just before the village. The Hardegg Viewpoint offers you a beautiful view of the whole town and the Dyje valley with its distinctive rock amphitheatres.


(Cycling) Hiking

To get to know the Thayatal-Podyjí National Park, it offers a number of well-marked hiking trails with views and places to relax in.

Those who do not favour a slow pace can use two marked cycling paths to explore the Podyjí by bike. Hidden secrets and interesting details about nature and the environment can be found on trips to the Guided National Park. You can obtain information about the National Park and the region in the Administration Building and Visitor Centre.


Thayatal-Podyjí National Park Administration and Visitor Centre

For your trips around the area, do not miss the visitor centre near Hardegg, which more than 25 thousand tourists visit each year. The National Park Administration and Visitor Centre is the first point of contact for visitors who want to learn more about the National Park and its region. The well-trained National Park staff will be happy to advise you and provide expert and competent information on:


  • the landscapes of the Thayatal National Park
  • the diversity of local flora and fauna
  • offers for visitors
  • tourism opportunities
  • accommodation and hospitality in the National Park area
  • attractive excursion destinations in the National Park area, the Waldviertel and the Weinviertel and in the neighbouring Czech Republic

Opening hours of the National Park Administration Building and Visitor Centre

March 19 - September 30: Daily 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

October 1 - November 2: daily 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Excursion destinations

  • the town of Retz and its adventure cellars
  • the windmill in Retz
  • Pulkau – a wine town with culture and tradition
  • the Amethyst World of Maissau
  • Geras Monastery
  • Geras Nature Park
  • Drosendorf and its preserved historical centre



The town of Znojmo offers its visitors many historical monuments, some of which are included in the list of cultural monuments of the Czech Republic. Also in its centre is its most valuable monument – St. Catherine's Rotunda, from the 12th century, which offers a view of wall paintings from 1134, which depict the Premyslid family reputation. Right next to this monument is Znojmo Castle, which rises directly above the Gránické forests. The route of every visitor must surely also include the Town Hall, which is one of the most important Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic. At the top of its tower it is equipped with a gallery from which you can even see the Austrian Alps. Also worth a visit is the Church of St. Nicholas, which is the largest and most beautiful in the whole surrounding area. However, this town offers tourist attractions not only on the ground but also underground.

The Znojmo underground is one of the largest labyrinths in Central Europe. Its length is estimated to be about 27 km, sprawling over four floors below the historic city centre.

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